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Transforming a city's landscape in record time is a phenomenon we have been witnessing in the last decade. Look around you….Magnificent buildings, breathing designs, humongous industrial houses & landscape vistas of residential spaces.

Behind each of these gigantic marvels of construction there is a team of experts working relentlessly to bring some visionary's dream into fruition. We, at Paradigm Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. are one such team. Simplifying complex building projects, may it be residential or commercial, is routine for us.

Paradigm has its genesis in its passion for building robust, quality & perfect civil structures. Coupled with an intuitive understanding of our client's needs, we go beyond the obvious, to make our projects par excellence.

We would be delighted to be your partner in building better and futuristic civil structures, to help you realize your dreams. You only have to dream it, the architect will design it and we will bring it to your dream into reality. This brochure gives you a glimpse into how and why you and we would make such a great team.

If this is something you would be as excited about as we are, then welcome aboard…. We are waiting! Best Compliments.

Ajay Kangralkar
Managing Director,
(DIN: 00234630)
Paradigm Construction Company Pvt.Ltd.

Welcome to Paradigm Construction Company Pvt. Ltd.

Paradigm Construction Company Pvt.Ltd, the brainchild of Mr. Ajay Kangralkar is a name to reckon with in the civil construction industry. A company par excellence, Paradigm has made its mark in the commercial and residential spaces for over a decade.

Paradigm has a broad range of experience in premium residential and commercial projects, township, farmhouses, clubhouses and related projects. Having established clients in Maharashtra, we are now ready to go to the next level of excellence.

Paradigm wants to be more than your civil construction partner. We want to be your trusted partner for all your needs ranging from residential undertakings to commercial ones. In order to be your preferred partner, we listen to your needs, establish a trusted collaboration and give you recommendation which will best suit your aspirations.

It's all a part of our work culture at Paradigm Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. This makes it easy for you to choose us as your preferred partner.

Have a dream of a perfect structure? Go ahead, dream it, the architect will design it and we will build it for you! Our integrated approach, intuitive understanding towards perfection, makes us a formidable name in the industry. It is so easy for you to choose us as your preferred partner.

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  • Receiving International Star for Leadership In Quality Award, BID Group One, Spain

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